Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mustache Moments

A few photos for your viewing pleasure from our Team Building week in Baltimore....

Kara dropped her computer.... after taking it apart we figured out it's dead... she got a new one that day!

What the heck... We're Science and Tech! Teachers on my campus Kevin and Kylie...aka team domination!

Kylie getting shark attacked.

In case you were wondering what a dolphin trainer looks like while the dolphins are jumping this is pretty accurate... except for maybe me.

And by the end of the week this is how we felt towards each other. just kidding. we still like each other.

Team Science and Tech with Chris and Debbie.

The amazing team with a few of the amazing board members! We are a crazy bunch, which means awesome pictures and stories...get excited for the future.

For more (and better) pics check out Kara's blog. You won't be disappointed... And for those of us who have been creeping on Kara's China blog for months now... just keep creeping people. The secret is out, and she is back!

So until I figure out how to get on the internet in China.... we'll see ya.


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