Wednesday, April 21, 2010

who wants corn on your pizza?

Birthday's in China are great. We hadn't celebrated any lately, but today Justin turned the big 27, which meant... party time! He wanted Pizza Hut. Which I must say I was looking forward to all week. I saved up my money and calories.

When we have big groups it's always difficult picking that perfect seat. But usually I just go wherever these 2 are.
Yes. I do love to just creep on them. However, I didn't ask them if I can have one of their babies this time, so I feel like I am making progress in being a normal person.
What is wrong with our hands in these pictures? We couldn't seem to figure out what to do.

While we were waiting for our giant huge stuffed crust pizzas to arrive, we started the round of presents... I love birthdays.
Their Chinese teacher friend got them matching couple watches. I want to get married.
Kylie and I gave them a "date night" bag, and also re-gifted some movies that we did not enjoy. Real thoughtful.
Robin had printed on the wrapping paper a little message for him with Chinese cartoon characters. Creative.

There was a lot of laughter...
And probably because of this guy. Watching him hold his knife and fork to cut his pizza was the most ridiculously amazing thing I have ever seen. It must be what watching a foreigner with chopsticks feels like.

According to Kara Tim was on his iTouch the entire taxi ride to Pizza Hut. Well he introduced Kylie to his new game.
Intervention Tim time soon.

We all sang Happy Birthday in our native language. English, Chinese, and Korean.
Such a diverse group we are.
Birthday's are so great.

Mine is next. I expect you all to be in attendance to my birthday party.

Or at least have my present waiting for me back in America.


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Jessica said...

that is the fanciest pizza hut i have ever seen!! high class over there, my cuz :)