Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in Chiner

We traveled to NDH for Christmas. Slumber Party Style.

The boys (and Kylie) started out the evening with a little Candy Cane Poker.

We had a huge Christmas feast. Marshall didn't leave till it was all finished.

While walking back to campus Tim bought this Chinese flying lantern thing.

We went up the roof, lit it and sent it off. The first one was flawless.

The 2nd one did some crazy turn and went down under the roof.

The boys tried to guide it

But it landed on the ground, not burning anything on its decent down.

But somehow we seemed to attract a crowd... (we do that ya know)

The students were aware we were outside and were watching and yelling "Merry Christmas" at all of us.

So what did we do?

Impromptu Christmas Caroling.

Every window was full of students. They even lit a lantern out the window and let it go.

After all the excitement it was time to get to business.

I loved my bag, I didn't care what was in it!

Peter had Kara. He gave her 2 of her favorite things, notebooks and pictures. He knows her.

Marshall had Kylie. He flew in some of her favorites.

I had Marshall. And since the scarf I am making him isn't exactly finished I re-gifted some things he already had gotten. I am a bad girlfriend.

Peter opened a bunch of different balls; tennis, ping-pong, badminton. His response was "I like all kinds of balls"

At the bottom of Kevin's gift were beef flavored candies re-gifted of course. This is his beef candy response.

Tim had some of his favorites imported from America as well.

For Christmas in China we had a pretty great Christmas.

I love my team.

We had to get some sleep or Santa wouldn't come!

We slept on sweet orange couches. Go Pokes!

Kylie was even sporting her OSU snuggie. Go Pokes!

We ate homemade cinnamon rolls made by Heidi S. Yumm!

And watched Home Alone.

All I needed was my family and it would have felt like Christmas.


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