Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm makin' dreams come true

As most, and probably ALL of my readers know, Kara's blog is pretty dang great. Her story is one of those stories you tell to people, and then they start reading, and they tell their mom and they start reading, and pretty soon movies are being made about you. That's what makes blogs so powerful. You have no idea who reads them, or how they can touch someone's life.

Kara's blog touches peoples lives.

So today we went to see her so that my precious friends could meet the girl they read about!

They got to meet Kara, Peter, and Mother Blain.

And get their picture together!

I remember my 1st time to meet famous blogger Kara... I was nervous because I had creeped on her for months and knew all the stories and thought she would think I'm such a freak. Kori and I compared our 1st encounters with Kara, to what it would be like to actually meet The Pioneer Woman. What would we say to her if we actually met her in person?

Pretty sure she would think we are crazy. Blog Stalking.

Since we were so close to the ocean we had to see it. After all, it is their Spring Break, and most people go to the beach for SB... not China.

It was cold, and dirty. Not your typical SB Beach location.

They leave tomorrow AM, which means tonight was our last hoorah; food, entertainment, culture, we had to get it all in. We had a few hours left. We had to make the most of it.

And Kiner did.... She stood up to eat. Great concept.
KTV night. Which included....





And KTV China can't be done without...


There may have been about 30 people there in a giant huge, pimped out VIP room. It was a perfect way to send them back to America. ( p.s. I love America)

I have loved every minute of having them here. I needed them more than I thought.

I don't think I can say goodbye tomorrow. I want them to stay with me. Forever.


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