Thursday, November 24, 2011

turkey day in VA

We woke up on Thanksgiving (earlier than our normal wake up call due to 2 little boys and 1 sweet little girl who are ALWAYS full of energy) ready to party.
 Marshall and I brought presents for the kids. Who doesn't love a thanksgiving gift? 
 We actually didn't give Vivian that tambourine. We gave her baby leg warmers. 

We started our cooking...
 It was like we had our own little sou chefs... we just had to be careful not to get our fingers chopped off.

My brother lives in this beautiful part of Richmond with a GIANT backyard and beautiful trees. Behind his house is a creek and miles of exploring.
And because his family is super outdoorsy (and 2 little boys that need to play outside), we went on a before dinner hike.
 You have to cross the log to get to the other side of the creek.

 There is also a rope swing, and leave it to Marshall to use that to get back across.

After our hike, my sister-in-law Audrey and I got back to cooking, and the boys got back to doing boys thing.
 If I have boys one day I am going to have to learn to love the outdoors...and not just the outdoor malls...

And then it was dinner time!
 Believe it or not, these guys did not like the majority of the Thanksgiving items. Stratton, age 3, the blonde one, loved the rolls and tried to eat straight butter. 
 And of course, they LOVED the dessert portion. 
 Stratton pretending he is an eye doctor!

After dinner we took some self-timered family pics in the kitchen.
I am so thankful for today.
We are so blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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Valerie said...

It is unbelievable to me how stinking cute all your nephews and niece are. The Reeves' have adorable genes.