Saturday, April 17, 2010


We decided to take a little weekend getaway trip to Tianjin. We woke up reaallll early and boarded the slowest fast train available. We saved about $6 for an extra hour of pure fun.
They worked on school...
And we played. Seriously. UNO for 3 hours. One game lasted an hour and a half, we made up our own rules. I will never play UNO the normal way again. It is intense, vicious, and oh so brilliant.

We finally arrived in the city, dropped our bags off, and started to explore Tianjin.
It was beautiful, clean, and different. Not like other Chinese cities. It had character and personality.

We wandered our way down to the Italian district. It felt like we stepped in a dream.

Flowers. Everywhere.

One great little restaurant we found...
Beer. American. Barbecue. 3 of my favorites.

But we wanted Italian food. When in Rome right?
We got to sit outside. It was so foreign to me. Italian food and nice weather. I really must not be in Qinhuangdao anymore.

We walked. And walked. And walked.
We walked right into this American staple. I apparently had no idea they were in Beijing, so I insisted we go in to look around.
The signage looked like Wal-Mart, the smells smelt like Wal-Mart, but it was no Wal-Mart. No Hostess donuts, no tampons, no turkey meet. No precious cute old people greeting you at the door. Bust.

And we walked some more. We found grass and a cherry blossom tree and Justin went nuts. He wanted to stop for a photo shoot.
Married love.
Tim was missing Kara.
Sci-Tech power.
Please notice Justin in the background making grass angels.
He is so weird. He did this for a while.
Jessica took a circus class in college... she is just as strange as her husband! jk. I love her.

And we walked.
And so did they.

Our evening activity included "The Eye of Tianjin". The 6th largest ferris wheel in the WORLD. 30 minute ride.
While we were in the wheel fireworks went off. Cathy would have peed herself. We were about eye level with them. It was a different feel than the normal fireworks high in the sky show. It wasn't that exciting actually.

And we ended our long exhausting day with... what else but...

We found out some people just don't appreciate a little table talk bashing. It's too bad. It's way more fun.

So far, Tianjin you have been very very kind to us. Until tomorrow.



Cathy said...

You are correct. I would have peed myself. Thanks for knowing and loving me. Kisses.

Kori said...

Those pics in front of the cherry blossom tree are hilarious.