Saturday, August 7, 2010

the wedding of the year

Kara got married a few weeks ago in Oklahoma. Her precious new Korean family flew to Oklahoma to enjoy Braums, horses, and Bass Pro. And the wedding ceremony. Of course.

Today was the reception with family and friends. The reason Tim and Kevin flew all this way! We were pretty excited to get to Tulsa and see the famous couple.
And so we went.

The reception was at The Silo in Tulsa. A beautiful unique and charming event venue. VERY Kara Blain Peter.

Bridezilla? No way!

There was a photo booth.
Photo booths = instant excitement.
See. Kevin had fun alone.

The whole room was inspiring. And put together with so much thought. And that is Kara. Thoughtful and inspiring.
They had folded thousands of cranes and hung them from branches on the tables and around the room.
She had notes from students, and paper hearts strung around the room. She sewed the papers together.

Talent. Patience. Incredible.

She had a dessert table full of cookies and brownies.
They served ice cream.

And shots of milk.

This screamed Kara and Peter.

Cathy and Kori drove from OKC, in traffic, to make it to this famous celebrity bloggers reception!

Kevin's giant phone. Making an apperance at the wedding.

Can you guess who is who?

We had such a good time taking pictures, being goofy, and just enjoying getting to be apart of this beautiful event.
Cathy of course wanted her picture with the happy couple.
And with the whole family...

And we all wanted our picture with Kara.
She's a celebrity!

Senior pics.

What a beautiful couple.
I'm so excited to see where the Lord leads them.

After the reception we headed to Kara's parents house for some extra hang out time.
We aren't ready to say bye to them just yet.

We had burgers.
Sat outside.
Made new friends...
Like Hannah. Kara's bestie. I read her blog. She reads mine. Now we are real life friends.

I love the internet.

And I love how God and China has brought us all together.

And if Kevin and Tim would never have gone to China, they would have probably never have come to Oklahoma. AND therefor would probably never have gone to BRAUMS!
Braums makes dreams come true.

What a blessing to get to spend time with my Chinese family again.
God is so good.


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