Saturday, November 19, 2011

@timothycorbin gets married!

Kylie and I made the trek up to B-more for the big wedding.
She was in charge of filming the festivities so we needed to get their early to scope things out.
 We also needed to make sure we got our pictures with their Chinese photo shoot banner.
Seriously, how amazing are these? Tim is wearing feathers. He is a great husband and did the whole traditional Chinese engagement pictures while he was in China. Amazing.

And before we knew it the ceremony was starting.
 They've gotten married a lot... They had their first ceremony in China. His parents were able to fly over and they had a legit service. Tim had a live stream happening and we were all able to watch it on the internet! Then they did another one for all of their students. And then this one. They have been waiting on Michelle's visa to be approved so she could come over to the states. They wanted to have ANOTHER wedding here for all of his family and friends. And we were so glad they did so we could see it all happen in person. 
 They had a fun questionnaire for everyone to fill out for Michelle. Her first time in America! Must be pretty overwhelming!
Our amazing ELT Edge leader Jo. She has been amazing to me since I decided I wanted to go to China!
 The former ELT Edge teachers. We didn't teach with the 2 guys but it was so fun to swap stories and know that our experiences are all so much the same!

 After everyone cleared out, and the building was all cleaned up Kylie and I went over to Tim and Michelle's to hang out. Yes. We realize they just "got married" but who cares!
 We made them open our awesome gift. We don't own wrapping paper or bows in our house. So newspaper wrapping happens.
We also found the card in the Target parking lot. It's a Christmas card for your sister. And it has tire marks on it.
We are so awesome.

We stayed way too late talking, catching up, and laughed off all the food we ate at the wedding! Poor Michelle had no idea I was so crazy! Kylie and I finally said goodbye and made the drive back to Philly pretttty late.

It was such a fun wedding, and so great seeing everyone. I wish these could happen every month and I wish everyone could be there. We were missing our other teammates.



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aw. thanks for the recap! we love our china family :)

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