Sunday, March 7, 2010

a world of wonders

I am failing you, my fellow followers.... I have been so busy, and apparently not a true blogger because the last thing I want to do when I finally have time is blog. Not to mention it keeps crapping out on me when I try and upload pictures...

I realized that I had forgotten to blog about Chocolate World in Beijing...

Kevin and I and our very different emotions on the Chocolate World adventure. Oh and the creep in the background.

After many subway transfers...

And a walk by the nest...

We made it!

Free chocolate upon entrance. It was small. But tasty.

Chocolate BMW

Chocolate Spidey

Chocolate Bikers

Chocolate MJ...

Sci-Tech at the Great Chocolate Wall

For a more detailed and honestly a better post, read Kara's version. You will see yours truly featured in a few candid moments. But this is why she wins the award. I have so much to learn... mostly the art of dedication.

I'm sorry I have disappointed.


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