Wednesday, November 2, 2011

hump day treats

I always take videos, but I never post them. So I thought I would share a few from my weekend.

The first one is the groom, Matthew, dancing. This really won't be as entertaining if you don't know him... but I have never seen Matthew dance, no one really has... until Candace came along! When she first met him she said he crazy danced the whole night. I couldn't believe this. This guy does not dance. Until he met the love of his life!

Here we have Jett singing. He could be the next Bieber or JT. He loves The Little Mermaid and all the songs, his mom asked him to sing The Little Mermaid and I missed part of the video but then he started in on his own personal songs.

I posted pictures of our tea party, but here is a little video from it. I just love the way all toddlers talk. So innocent and sweet!

I said it already, and I'll say it again, I am so excited to see my 2 other nephews and niece for Thanksgiving. We don't get to spend a lot of time together, and it's hard being away. They say really funny things. Dawson, he is 5, and way smarter than I am, so I'm sure I will learn something from him. Stratton, almost 3, talks in full sentences but leaves out words, ya know the way little kids do. And Vivian, she just started crawling and can't talk yet, but is just a little cutie. 
Being an aunt is great! As long as all these kids grow up knowing I am the cool aunt, I did well.


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-Sam I Am- said...

heidi heidi heidi heidi... DAH!

such a cutie!