Wednesday, August 4, 2010

oklahoma rules

Exciting News! Tim has arrived in Oklahoma.
We took him to Irma's.

Kylie's sister gave us a private tour of Chesapeake Energy. aka Disney World for the Working Adult.

The east coast is deprived. for many reasons. But one major reason is their lack of Sonic. They have them, but they are scarce. Take a moment and imagine not being able to drive down any major street and stop for a Happy Hour drink....

Tim sees the Sonic commercials but has never gotten to eat there. How cruel right?
And he experienced that first taste of victory.

Because Oklahoma is 135 degrees outside we needed some indoor activities. So we headed to OCU to see Cathy
We visited her new office and noticed a little something hanging on her bulletin board.
Kara and Peter's wedding invitation.


We headed to The Wedge to get our "Wedgie Wednesday" on.
It was so good it deserved a Disney World pose.

Then we headed to the Mustache Bash.
And we all wore mustaches.
And we all had a good time.

Welcome to Oklahoma, Tim!


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