Saturday, May 1, 2010

the day that never ended

We were wanting to go hike the Great Wall today with Robin and his girlfriend. We were told from Robin that it would be about a 2 hour bus ride, we would hike the wall, and then get back on the bus and head home. Why did we believe him.... Let me take you on my day.

Robin said to meet him at an intersection at 6:15.
That's way too early for me.

He said he would pick us up in a bus. We waited for him, and waited for him...
and then he showed up in a car.
The car took us to the bus where we did some more waiting. We finally got on the road at 7:30.

It was not a smooth ride.
But somehow they slept through it.

Once we got to the wall it was about 9:30. We were given 2 hours and then had to be back on the bus.
Didn't seem like enough time.

I had to pee. And the bathroom was full of pushing, crazy women. And I had an experience that is too disturbing to write about in detail on a blog. But if you must know, ask me. But you may have nightmares once you hear it.

Anyways! Apparently everyone wanted to climb the wall
They looked like hundreds of ants climbing the wall.

It felt like 100 degrees outside. I wore shorts, which of course caused quite the scene amongst the Chinese. The shorts plus the white legs. Unheard of! They wore clothes like this.
Suits. Heels. Whatev.

Besides the amusing outfits on the wall, the signage was pretty amusing also.
Oh. China!
Team Sci-Tech sticks together.
The lovers. In loooove.

We rewarded ourselves with ice cream.
Everyone needs ice cream after a morning of sweating.

At this point it is time to meet at the bus, we think lunch is happening next. We finally gather the other 50 people on the bus and we take off. To where you might ask? Good question.

Photo's were not allowed where we were taken next but it was this huge museum/store place about gems? We were hoarded through like cattle until Robin's girlfriend (who we started calling "Cool" as her English name) skipped out on the tour and wanted to find our way out. She is just like Robin. Does whatever she wants. Made for eachother.

She guided us to this crazy huge room
Full of tables and chairs.
We were served some questionable dishes.
Very questionable.

After lunch we got back on the bus.
And waited some more.

We thought NOW we were going home, right? Wrong.

They took us next to a giant "candy store". It was the size of Wal-Mart.
And incredibly boring.

We got back on the bus and waited some more. We thought for SURE now we were going home. Wrong again.

We were taken to this old "accupuntior" clinic.
We were again hoarded like cattle until "Cool" stepped in and led us to a garden.
We sat and relaxed for a very short time until Robin yelled "WE MUST GO!"

I am happy to say this was our last stop. The bus tour kept going, but when we finally reached the city we were able to get off. That first step of freedom felt so good. Waking up at 5:45 am, on a bus for hours with no AC, waiting and waiting, the smell of sausage and chicken feet the whole time, and a tour of places I could have cared less about cost us about $12. It would have been more but we had Robin with us.

Our day wasn't over yet. We wanted Grandma's Kitchen and we wanted to take Robin and Cool there. But we had to find our way to a subway stop first. As Robin said "Just walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery, we'll find it"
So we walked.
And you never know what you are going to see on the streets of China.

And we finally made it to dinner.
And I ate my first salad in 8 months. And it was perfect.

When Kylie and I got back to our hostel we had this waiting for us...
A pineapple. For good smell of course.

I love how simply unpredictable this country is.


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