Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"he was just my work crush"

30 girls in one class is a lot to handle. 30 girls in one class plus 1 hot handsome boy is too much to handle.
We did the usual. Talk about dating, talk about us, answer questions, and then play our dating game. But since we have no boys, Marshall got to be the lucky bachelor.
He tried to look to see who his girls were. But really his girl was standing in front of him the whole time.
Uhhhh. Marshall plus Spiderman. My hero.
He picked Summer. Which I was not jealous at all. She is one of my favorite students. Marshall says he picked her because when asked "if you could go anywhere else in the world where would you go?" she said, "another planet"

He likes the creative strange cute little girls. Oh that's just like me!

We are done with classes for the week. I got really good at telling our love story. I knew the parts that would totally make all the girls swoon. They ate that shiz up.


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