Monday, May 10, 2010

500 students. 1 room.

The ELT May team is here to hang out, support, entertain, encourage, love... the list goes on and on. It has been awesome seeing other American faces, and getting to know these people. Learning about their lives and their stories has been very encouraging. I even met a girl, who promises to my friend when I am back in America. I already emailed her husband to tell him we are friends.

They were on our campus today and our students were so excited.
They played games with them, danced with them, and talked with them.
*Nancy Simon, 2nd from the left*
We never get this many students to come hang out with us! Must have been the 15 other Americans that lured them away from their books.

At night there was a performance. We had been telling students and had a sign made, and apparently Mr. Yu was making students attend.

Because my goodness, those students rolled out! Over 500 students. Wow.
The school officials were even in attendance and loving it just as much as the students!

There was singing
I guarantee the songs that were sung tonight will be downloaded by the weekend.
My new balloon making friend Samantha was there making some crazy balloon figures. She learned on YouTube. She performs at b-day parties. I wish she would have been at mine. Amazing.

Of course games were involved...
Ones that involved a lifesaver being passed by toothpick via mouth. Kylie and I had to demonstrate. I didn't want to kiss her in front of 500 students. I didn't want to kiss her at all.

The students were hilarious. So careful.
The boys were extra careful they REALLY didn't want to almost kiss each other.
In the end, my team lost. But I was so proud no one poked an eye out, and no awkward kisses happened.

There were skits.
The "Empty Heads" performed.

There was a skit about a fly.

And a skit about how some old guy died.

And the last song of the evening was all for the students. Because of their love for Titanic, K Money sang My Heart Will Go On, remix style. It was a hit. It made such a splash even this lady
One of the school VERY high up ladies was dancing around.
And of course myself and this Chinese teaching and I danced on stage.

I love dancing with the Chinese.

After 2 hours of pure crazy madness we had to get out of that packed, hot room.
But not without getting autographs from the stars.

Okay, maybe it was just their email addresses, but still. They were rockstars tonight.

Where else do you get to do this? I love my job.


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Kara said...

what's going to happen when we're not in the same country anymore?? I was asking peter that and he looked at me and said, "invite her over!" "tell her we'll cook for her!" "we can have a dance party!"

cutest ever.

please stay. please. please. please.
at least for a semester....?