Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A "Cool" Dinner

Our school is getting ready for some "big government check". So it is getting a makeover. They are landscaping and making everything look clean and up to code, look being they key word. Today they painted the cement wall red.

They moved all the bikes that were against the wall while they painted this red line.
Which means they really just throw the students bike on the ground and don't move them back.


Cool is in town, Robin's lady, she apparently quit her job and is here for a few weeks, awesome. She wanted to take us to dinner.
This girl loves Korean BBQ.
And so do we.
I love this couple. It felt like they were going to announce some big news all night. They didn't. But Robin had his green wine. So that made up for the lack of exciting news!

p.s. JR and Lynn Reeves show up in 3 days. Holy torpedo.


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