Thursday, May 13, 2010

sci-tech olympics

Our school canceled classes for Thursday and Friday and held a giant sports competition. This is apparently completely normal in Chinese universities. I wish it was popular in American schools. Its awesome.
The opening ceremonies included lots of people, a band, flags, and cheering.

We were there supporting our students.
And soaking up some rays.

Most track and field events were represented
But the most interesting one to watch was the long jump.
*That's Robin btw.

The clothing of choice for such a day was very interesting. They of course had umbrella city to stay out of the sun, but jeans to run in, long undies still under those jeans. It was HOT, I had shorts and a tank top on and was sweating. How do they do it?

I liked this guy.
He did the long jump in this attire.
I think the jeans really held him back from reaching his full potential.

Kylie however dominated.
She won the women teachers long jump event.

And then the moment came where I knew they were going to ask me to put down my camera and participate. And I accepted. 100 meter relay, teacher race. Piece of cake.
I just imagined there was a sale at The Gap, or a block of cheese, or a puppy, or Marshall at the end of my relay and I passed by all those slow teachers and ran to victory.

I made my students proud.
My team. And guess what we got for 1st place?

2 pillow cases. so weird.

Robin and Kevin ran next.
Kevin won 3rd I think.

Guess what was 3rd place got?

Laundry detergent. Again, so weird.

The whole day was weird.

But strangely awesome.

I got so many compliments on how beautiful I looked. They dig the white skin here. Even though just the thought of how pasty white I am makes me want to vomit, they think I am more lovely than ever.


It continues tomorrow, but tomorrow I GET TO GO TO BEIJING AND PICK UP MY PARENTS!!! So I have to miss it, worth it!

p.s. It is my Grammie's birthday today. Happy Birthday Gram!



Kara Pyo said...

oooh! jealous! our school's olympics were canceled this year.
congratulations to the champions. ha.

Kori said...

Haha that is awesome! Great pics of the jumpers!