Monday, May 17, 2010

rain rain go awaayyyy

It rained today. ALL day long. What a pity. I had big plans for today. Those plans were changed.

First things first... class.
My father was loud and made funny noises while trying to explain things.

My mom was darling and spoke very slow to where they could understand her. Good job!

The students did performances for my parents. We had all kinds of acts.
They are so talented. And creative. And fearless.

After class we came back to my pad and crashed. Of course, my father wanted to go do something. But it was only 10 am. And pouring down rain. No thanks. So we put in a movie (a girlie movie, JR loves those!), rested, my mom and I cleaned, we ordered in food and we all had a big feast.

Once the kitchen was clean it was time to get to business.
My dad kept creeping Kylie out. I only have one place to sit in my room. We tried to remind him that people need their personal space.
While Kylie ignored my father, my mom and I were busy.

Dying my hair! She brought me a box. I needed it real bad.

And then later we had plans with Winter to get our hairs did. It was beauty day apparently.
You just never know what to expect. Kylie's face is the perfect expression. Just close your eyes.
No one left crying. That's a good successful haircut trip.

After haircut, it was noodle time.
Mmmm.... a giant plate of noodles, a swinging chair, and my momma. Nothing better.

We missed this crazy, her tests are over so she is stress free now! And boy she makes us laugh.
She pulled out her phone and it was attached to a giant panda lanyard with a card holder.
It was really pretty awesome. I want one now. I can never find my phone. Uh, wear it around your neck, how cool would that look....

We finished our dinner with bowls of hot water.
Nothing that a little hot water won't cure!

You might be asking yourself, "Where is JR?" Good question. He left us at about 2:00 to go play pool with Robin. He stopped by to see us at our haircut and he wanted to get his hair cut (okay, shaved) but it was too much, so Robin took him to a cheaper place. And then he left with the boys for guys night and we didn't see him till 10:30. Independent socialite he is.

Tomorrow is supposed to rain again. I really am 'peeing' that it doesn't. Everything I want to do involves being outside. Or eating...

I teach 4 hours tomorrow, should be entertaining!


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Mongrel said...

Reading blog when I should be packing... See y'all soon!