Friday, May 28, 2010

sweet child o mine

Marshall and I decided to take off for the weekend. We boarded the train. Tianjin bound.
Since we made such last minute plans we were without seats. But we still had fun eating our giant loaf of bread and watching Community.

When we got to Tianjin the weather was kind of poopy. But we didn't let that hold us back.
All of our pictures from the day look like this. No self timers this trip.

This guy was bathing in the river in his undies.

We made multiple trips to the Bucks.

And a walk through the park.
They love roses here. Love them.

And we just kept walking.
And wandered.

The road signs here are pretty wonderful.
What is this one trying to tell us?

And this man on the side of the road... What is he trying to tell us?
He is washing his bus in his undies?

That makes me happy.

Our evening plans included dinner and a Guns n' Roses tribute concert. Hot date.
It was so weird. Being in a music hole in the wall joint like that, it felt like America.
Except for of course the Chinese singing and hot beer. That felt like China.

But then the other foreigners brought it back to America for me. This lady was getting way to into the GNR Chinese boys.

Tomorrow will include more walking, wandering, and enjoying being together.


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