Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today Today Today!

The parentals get here in a few hours! I am off to Beijing in an hour to greet them! They have been sitting in the Hong Kong airport for 12 hours. Hong Kong? Yes. Thanks to American Airlines royally screwing up and canceling their flight they had to take some crazy flights to get here. They did however get to fly 1st class all the way here. Reclining seats, 1000 movie options, electronic plug ins, open bar. Not bad.

It is going to be such an awesome week. I can't wait to show them my life here. Squattie toilets, split pants, Khaki Ken, and so much more!

We just have to stop my dad when he starts to talk in his Chinese accent.

It's ridiculous.

Expect incredible pictures and stories of their time here!


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Jessica said...

oh j.r.!!! so glad they got there (and 1st class too!). have so much fun! love you guys xoxo