Sunday, May 23, 2010

it's the final countdown.

It was our last full day together. We have been going going going since they got here, and in China... that means walking, walking, walking.

Robin wanted to show us where he went to school. Beijing University. One of the best schools in this part of China. He loves being helpful. And we love him helping us. His school is nice. And I'm not talking Sci-Tech nice (that's a joke. our school is a joke) I'm talking, nice.

They have an arch.
Direct quote from Robin "This is the biggest school arch in Asia... maybe the world."

They have trees.

A beautiful field (and this is just one of many soccer fields)

A nice cafeteria (one of many)

A swimming pool. water to come later (1 of 2 pools on campus)

They even have a building with one part painted pink.

This is where Robin lived for a year.

He took us all over this campus.
They even have a Theta pond.
Oh Betty would be so proud.

We asked Robin why all the trees were taped at the same point. "I don't know, but I will make something up. It is a contest. Whichever tree grows the most they get an award."

You aren't allowed on their grass.

3 dogs on one bike. Impressive.

Sleeping man.

In China when they have to carry heavy bags (or not heavy bags) they do what Kylie and I call the "Friendship Hold"
It's really quite magical. You should try it sometime.

Mom spotted this bumper sticker...
Shouldn't the baby be in the car or on "board"??

And this is pretty normal. Cars parked on the sidewalks.

And before we knew it we were back on the bus to head to the subway to say goodbye to Robin... again.
Look at that sad face on him. Uh. it kills me.

Mom made a new friend.
She was fascinated by something.

And then it was time.
And it wasn't fun.
He waited for his next subway.
We just watched him waiting.

And then he came back for one last goodbye.
It was painful to watch.

We wanted Grandma's Kitchen to drown our sorrows.
Except apparently we weren't invited to Grannies.

We went to Peter's again. And for dessert...
Häagen-Dazs. Fancy huh? It's no Braums.
Deep in conversation about their ice cream.

My dad heard about a Harley dealership in Beijing and he wanted to check it out.
American prices. Yikes.
Don't we look good?

We headed to the market. The crazy yelling, touching, grabbing, in your face market. We had a few items we needed to get. One being glasses for JR.
They are so cheap! WHy not!! He got 2 pairs, and they look pretty good.

The boys were lovingthe market. Marshall and JR were the power negotiating couple. They were eachothers wingmen. They were haggling maniacs. Until the very end, when they were using the toilet at McDonald's. They caved into the crazy woman on the side of the street who tries and sells you socks and fake Rolex watches. Let's just say we all have matching couple watches. Plus a few extra.

They sat together and went over their purchases while my mom and I shopped in real stores with real clothes. It was so cute seeing how excited they got.

SInce their flight is so dang early on Monday we needed to switch hotels and stay next to the airport. So we went back to our 1st hotel, got our bags, and headed to our last and final hotel.

Except I didn't want to leave this place.
This place. Oh. I wanted to live here. The pillows, the shower, the sink, the carpet. It was all so glorious.

Dad tried on his new suit for us that he had made in QHD
And his new glasses. Stylin.

Of course we had to take a photo shoot with our pimpin' new watches.
Don't even try and steal these. They were $2.

I can't believe they leave tomorrow, and at 8:00 am. Their trip has flown by soo fast. We have had such an incredible time. Getting to show them my life here will be a memory that we will never forget. They made such an impact on my students, on Robin, and of course on my own life. They made me laugh, and cry, and appreciate them more and more. I miss them already.

Thanks Mom and Dad for flying across the world to visit your baby girl!


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