Sunday, May 2, 2010

A day of normality

(WARNING: Very, VERY little photo documentation of the day)

Kevin has friends in Beijing who he has been staying with. They are a very lovely family, from Idaho, have been living in Beijing for 4 years and they have 5 kids. The oldest daughter is 26, married, and lives in the states. The other 4 live in Beijing with them and range from 10-18. Critical growing up years.

We went to their "family time" and it felt sooo good to be surrounded by other foreigners, fellowshipping together, singing, seeing cute little kids dressed in their Sundays best, having old people to greet me.

I miss that.

And I miss western Sunday lunch time. We all went to eat mexican food. I however had a turkey sandwich, and it was a great choice.

I miss that. Choices. And Turkey.

We still had a few hours before our train left so Kylie and I left Kevin at our hostel to play pool with some New Zealand dude and we went shopping. I do love shopping. And skirts. And dresses.

And people watching.
A woman in her curlers and pj's riding her bike to the bank. I love this place.

Beijing, you were good to us. As you always are. Next time I will be here it will be TO PICK UP MY PARENTS!!!!!!!



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Marsh said...

Funny how 'day of normality' features a woman with curlers riding a bike. China is so awesome.