Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Was Heidi naughty when she was little?"- all the students

(We suffered a loss today. A camera loss. Part of our day is un-documented. The subject is too sensitive to discuss right now. RIP little awesome camera.)

It finally stopped raining at about 10:30 today, so we could finally go exploring. Yay! We were headed down to lemon chicken and decided to take a few stops along the way.
We wanted to check out the big soccer stadium and Robin said of course we could go look at it. He made a phone call, and took us to this random place.
And before we knew it we were going down a hall
In a weird room looking out at the field.
I think it's pretty crazy how he just makes a phone call. And BAM.
Robin really does know people.

We made a stop at the adult work out park by the stadium.
We could have spent hours here, but there was a lemon flavored chicken calling my name.

Cool took our order.
And we dominated that meal.
And stopped for some chocolate popcorn on the way home.

I had 2 classes this afternoon. More performances=More Fun.

My 1st class today was organized, creative, thoughtful, and serious. There was a student, Star, she was in charge. She had a schedule and made sure we all stuck to it. It was intense and I loved every bit of it.
They started with an entire class song performance.

And then the party really got started.
Skits, songs, dances, we had it all!
And then Hannah had an outfit change and was wearing her ballerina outfit and did some crazy ballet dancing. On the flood. (she cleaned the floor, but still. wow) It was incredible. I have it on video. If only I had the patience to upload videos.

There was paper folding lessons during the break time.

And to finish the class...
They all sang one last time together. It was so beautiful I got a little teary eyed.

2nd class
Not as organized, and no "Star" to run the show, but still full of energy and excitement!

My father started the class by dancing for them.

And then their turn.
This class was maybe funnier. 10 boys... makes for interesting times.
Dad with the boys

Mom with the girls.

Mom and Dad with the whole class.

Oh and look who that is. Heidi with Mom and Dad!

The students love them. They would say how beautiful my mom is, and how young she looks, and how she is so fit. And they liked the funny noises my dad would make after a performance, and thought he was just so kind. And all those things are true! I just love that they get to meet these students. It brings the 2 worlds together. And reminds me how small this world really is.

Tomorrows agenda... explore, then class all afternoon, and then pick Marshall up from the bus station whenever he makes it here!!!

Yes, Marshall gets here tomorrow night! My parents AND my boy. So much to be happy about!


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