Saturday, May 15, 2010

"what do you come from?"- taxi driver

We didn't have too much time in Beijing today. We were taking the 1:45 pm fast train back to QInhuangdao so that we would have time to go to the farewell ceremony with the ELT Edgers.
We will be back next weekend, but it's a pretty big city with lots to see. We had to maximize our time today.
We saw the Forbidden City.
Walked in.
Took a picture and walked out. That's the way to do that place.

We made a walk across Tiananmen Square.
Saw some awesome poses.
And did our own. The best China pose I have ever seen.

The parentals needed their caffein fix.
So we found a Starbucks and re-fueled. I don't want them getting spoiled. We don't have coffee where I live.
Back in the heat.
And enjoying the city.

We ventured over to one of the giant crazy markets. I needed something for class and my mom needed a big purse to hold everything in. It was so fun experiencing that with my parents. They got to see a whole new side to me. Haggling and being slightly rude while doing it. We got deals. That's all that matters.

After that we were in a hurry, so we subwayed it back to our hotel picked up our bags and barely made our train!

Once we got to my city, we checked into their hotel, opened my birthday presents, yes, birthday presents, and then headed to dinner.
I like eating with them at my favorite restaurant. Khaki Kens! (He disappointed us, but that's a whole other post.)

After dinner we headed to the other campus for some entertainment and goodbyes!
Yes, even they traveled the distance for this show.

There was singing.

A pick pocket skit.
A skit which involved Justin getting to eat an entire candy bar, a bag of popcorn, and pour water all over him. Oh and make out with his wife on stage. I was so jealous of that chocolate.

Some of us girls were called on stage to help with a song, we were told to dance.
I busted out the limp arm in front of 100's of students. Kori, you would have been proud.

And then it was time to say goodbye.
Americans were crying, Chinese were crying. It was really pretty cool to see how fast their relationships formed in only a week with these students.
And how fast OUR relationships formed with these visiting Americans.
I'm so glad that I could share this with my parents.

It's going to be an incredible week.


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Kori said...

I am so proud! The limp arm is going international! Also glad to see your updates with the parentals. So glad they got to visit!