Wednesday, May 12, 2010

why don't we do this everyday?

We took some of the ELT team to KTV tonight.
You really need the full KTV experience.
And it has to be done with this guy.
And fruit.
So lets recap. KTV is a must... with this guy and fruit.

For the first hour it was just Ky, Kev, and Rob and I.
So we warmed up.

And finally, everyone else showed.
And the party really got started.
Spice Girls- Wannabe
Take Me To Your Heart
Hey Jude- ridiculous horse video

And I got to be crazy with my new east coast friend.
Imagine me in 3 years. It's nuts.

3 hours later we were outta there!
KTV never disappoints.



Kara said...

thanks for inviting me.

:( :( :(

Heidi said...

ahh. it was a very very last minute thing. jess and justin were only there for literally 5 minutes. and rob, ky, kev and i were there alone for the majority of the time. AND we didnt mean until like 9. so it was super late.

but you are right. we are horrible. please forgive us.

sammie bartko said...

Heidi you are a hoot to be with! I had so much fun with you while we were in China. The University students won't know what to do with themselves when you leave =)