Sunday, May 16, 2010

proud daughter

This morning we woke up early. Real early. But my parents woke up at 4:00 am. Jet Lag. It's a B. We headed back to DD to see the ELT peeps off.
Once they were safe on their way, we headed to the food festival on campus.
It was nuts. Tons of students and TONS of different foods from all over Asia. It was all cheap, and the money went to the earthquake victims. So why not right!?
Mom and I ate tacos from the American booth cooked by our friends. Safe.

Dad found himself some sort of breakfast burrito egg veggie wrap thing.
It was so hao chi (gooood) that momma Lynn had to get own.
Hao chi ma? Hao chi.
My dad was loving it.
Justin was loving it.
And these girls were loving it a little too much. They were giving out free sample of Chinese wiskey. At 10 in the morning. Danger.

After sampling wayyyy too much random food we headed back to Jess and Justin's to sit and relax.
Junior's Curbside Grill

It felt good to relax.
Woah. Watch out for those legs. And matching shoes.

We ditched the team and Kylie, Kara, mom, dad, and I headed downtown to meet Robin.
It was suit making time! Pick up in 4 days!
I have a very silly family.

For dinner we decided on Korean BBQ
These 2 love it.

It was great conversation, good food, and still so crazy that we were all together!

We did realize something pretty cool about Cool.
She has this strange technique to her chopstick skills.

Even Robin couldn't do it.
So we all practiced.

And no one could figure it out.

Tomorrow 8am is my first class. The students are so excited and so am I! It will be full of excitement for sure.

My parents are in China. It still feels like a dream! And I'm so proud of them. This place isn't easy. But they are loving it (I think) and definitely loving on the people!

over and out.



Nancy Branch said...

Looks like so much fun! I love seeing the huge smile on your mom's face. She has missed you so much! And JR, looks like he fits right in! Enjoy every moment together. And keep posting so we can feel like we are there with you all.

Kara said...

I love that first picture!!!!!

I also love that I look like an avatar. ugh.

Super cute pics. You're becoming a master photographer!