Saturday, May 29, 2010


The sun shined today in Tianjin.
We could see the buildings.

The kids were out.

And so were the giant air filled nightmares.

We spent a good part of our day doing what we do best.
Taking pictures of giant huge gold doors.

And we spent some more QT at Starbucks.
Playing Word Warp. We love it. We dominate it.

We hit up the antique market.
Saw a lot of old things.

We got our Coca Cola drink on.

And then we headed to the wheel.
I went on it last time at night, but since the sky was so clear I wanted to go again. And this time with Marshall.
It was fun being with him up there. On top of Tianjin.

We rushed to grab dinner, and to the train station only to find out our train was actually 2 hours late.

We took the slow train back. It was smoky, loud, hot, crowded, and slow. You pay for what you get. We got home real late but we had such a fun time just being together we didn't care.

I'm so lucky I get to have him in my life.


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