Friday, April 30, 2010

it's hotttttttt in beijing

It's a holiday weekend in China so what else is there to do but pack up and head out! We really wanted to go somewhere south, see more of China... however, it didn't work out that way for many reasons, so we settled on where else, but Beijing.

Kylie and I wanted to go up early, do some shopping, so Kevin was going to meet us later.
We boarded our train. We were on the fast train which means a luxury trip. Except this time we didn't have seats.
We sat on our bags next to the door, hoping it wouldn't fly open. I don't know how students stand or sit on their bags for 25 hour train rides. Incredible. It must be all that squatting they grew up doing.

When we got to the train station in BJ, Robin was waiting for us. Surprise! He came with us to find out hostel, we didn't know where we were going, we didn't print out a map.
But I did take a picture on my camera. So Robin worked his magic and after 20 minutes of sweating in the sun we found it!

We wanted to stay somewhere we have never stayed before in a part of town we have never really adventured out in.

We made an excellent choice.
Our hostel was full of flowers.
Natural sunlight and friendly people.
They have only been open a month so it was still clean, kind of pricey, but worth it. The beds were delightful, an actual bed and an actual mattress and actually comfortable. Oh and the showers... I could go on and on about that. Perfect.

We ditched Robin and did some shopping. We walked and walked. And walked some more.
We went to the foreign grocery store for some comfort food.
I dominated a cream soda. It had been to long.

For dinner we met up with Kevin.
Tim's Texas Bar B-Q. We actually got to meet Tim. He was there. I am bringing him OSU gear to hang up next time I go. We share the same hatred for OU.
Kylie and I enjoyed our margaritas.
I dominated a BBQ sammy. It tasted like home.
And this place felt like home. (Oklahoma, not my parents house)
This old dude wore a 80's shirt and danced horribly with this young girl.
Yup. Felt like home.


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