Thursday, May 20, 2010

are we there yet?

Today was an adventure day. We went to the Great Wall. We thought it would be a normal trip, we weren't with Robin we were with Winter, and we knew Winter wasn't going to try and sneak us in like Robin would. But it was still an adventure. It always is in China.

And so our day begins...
We took a couple buses to get there.
Saw this on the bus.

We got out at this random shopping mall thing.
It was many streets of randomness. Example- this horse peeing right next to us.

Or my father being clothed.
He would take it off, and they would put something else right back on!

My mom and I bought a sun umbrella. Everyone here does it. I used to make fun. Not anymore. It's an instant air conditioner.

We finally made it to the wall and were already exhausted so instead of climbing UP the wall. We took the ski lift.
Once we got to the top that is when the real adventure began. Instead of going left, as the sign stated, we went right. Bad idea.
We just kept going and going.
We finally made it to this temple. But that wasn't what we wanted. So we kept walking.
We stumbled upon something else really random. Still not the Wall, so we kept walking.
Back down.
We finally found the "No passing" sign and knew we had made it! Now, we just had to make it down some crazy steep steps.

My mom was everyone's hero today. She dominated those steps. She was way ahead any of us.
And of course. We stopped every 5 feet to take pictures.
You can never have too many pictures. That's my theory.

We took a family photo.
And my dad totally creeps the picture out. I laugh so hard everytime I look at this.
So Kylie tried to recapture the picture.
We had lots of fun on our journey down the wall.
And you can't go to the Great Wall and not see a bridal photo shoot. Kara, I have some ideas.

At this point we are just exhausted, hot, and smelly. We still had a good 2 hours back on the bus, and a full evening of events. It's mom and dads last night in QHD. We had to live it up.
We finally got back to town and we got ready.
We showered. (matching shirts from SSP. Thanks mom!)

We ate a delicious meal with the DD crew.

And we got out KTV on.
You can't come to China and not see Robin sing KTV. It should be a rule.
It should be a rule that everyone has to sing KTV.

This guy sang.
And I was pretty impressed.

I truly believe that everyone that visits China must learn the most popular "English" song there is here, Take Me To Your Heart. It will change your world. They are obsessed.
It brings us all together.

Needless to say, we were all pooped by the end of the night. But it was such a memorable day.

Tomorrow we pack up and ship out. Spending the weekend in Beijing before sending my cute little parents off back to reality.

I already miss them.


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Rebecca said...

I always laugh when I read your blog because your commentary is so hilarious. However, tonight when I read your comment on the family picture, I actually snorted. Just thought you should know :)