Saturday, May 22, 2010

is that really him?

Premier status at the hotel means awesome breakfast. The boys ate for 3 hours. Yes, 3 hours. When in Rome, I guess right?

They had everything on the buffet. And I mean everything-baked beans, potato salad, sushi, noodles. Who wouldn't want that for breakfast?

On our agenda for the day was The Summer Palace.
Nice man purse old man.
We had to subway it for a while, but we finally made it.
You can't leave home without your umbrella.
Everyone wanted a little piece of the umbrella.
You can see my mom. She is getting her picture taken.

We walked, and climbed, and sweated, and took pictures all day long.

We took the boat across the lake.
It felt good to sit.
Dad started carrying mom's purse. He looks good in his man purse.
Junior's Curbside Grill all over this country.

We needed a snack to hold us over, and no not "hot dogs"
Egg burrito things. Sick.

The man purse gang figured out how to get to a subway
Aren't they the cutest with their man bags?

Our pimpin' hotel has a spa so we headed there as soon as we got back. Massage time!
Oh the pain. It felt so good. I felt like a new woman after that.

And then at about 6:00 we had a surprise guest show up.
ROBIN! He just couldn't stay away. We kept telling him to come, so he did!

We enjoyed our hotel free drinks.
And after we ate all we could, it was off to dinner.

We ended up going to Tim's Bar BQ.
We sat outside, drank margs, and ate food that looked like this...
Am I back in Oklahoma yet?

Robin ate his favorite, chicken wings.

We always have really great dinners.

We wanted to go out and see the Olympic stadium. We rode the subway ALLLL the way there. We thought we had enough time. We were wrong.
They wouldn't let us in.
Robin tried. He wouldn't give up. But it didn't work. Fail.

Double fail. The subways stopped running. We had to take a taxi home.
Life would be way less interesting without Robin.

We are so excited he took the train up to see us for not even 24 hours, he leaves at noon tomorrow. We have to maximize our time with him.

And prepare for another goodbye.

All we do is say goodbye here.



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I just snorted again.

Thanks for the Chinese man boobs.