Monday, May 24, 2010

back to reality... sort of..

I didn't want to say bye. I was having way too much fun, but my parents were strong, and so was I. We hugged a lot, a few tears, my dad told me to be careful crossing the road, and then before I knew it they were gone.

I still had to go back to QHD. After almost missing our train, we made it and were on our way.

We were reunited with Robin and it felt good to see his smiling face when we got home.

For dinner we had hot pot/BBQ. 2 of my least favorite meals here.
But the boys were loving it.
I ate fried rice. There is just something about the chewy meat that really does nothing for me.

Tomorrow class all day. It's show 'n tell. I'm bringing my boyfriend and telling them about him.

I expect a lot of ''oooohhhhsss" and "ahhhhhhhhs"


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Kori said...

I'm so glad you didn't take us to the chewy meat place