Wednesday, May 19, 2010

beach bound.

There is just so much to do... and our time is running out in QHD. But first things first, we had to get train tickets for Beijing.

So we boarded the bus
And went and had Robin work his magic.

While we were there we saw these 2
I love that my mom loves the kids as much as I do. She keeps encouraging me to take pics of them.

After that, we headed to the beach.
It was balls hot out today.

You want to know how beautiful our seaside is...
That's a pretty beautiful beach if you ask me.

Hey, there is beach front properties. Probably pretty cheap too.

We then headed down to NDH to eat some grub with these guys
There cafeteria is just so much better than ours. Not cool.

We had to book it back to our school because I had 4 hours of class I had to get to.
As always, very welcoming and precious.
As always there was dancing, singing, games, and moments where you just stop and ask yourself... why?

They love my parents. How could you not!?

2nd class- These students.... oh these students. I love all of my classes, but some of them are just not fun. And that's all you can really say about that.
However, Seven did make this giant painting for them.
And someone made this Chinese knot thing for my mom.

And this guy isn't even in my class, and doesn't even speak English. He just wanted to come perform on his bamboo pipe thing. Thank you dude. You saved our class.

And then we had one of those "why????" moments.
I had to turn my head for most of it. That's all I'm going to say.

After class we went to the bus station to get my boy.
It was a very very happy moment.

Seriously, that taxi ride back to school I felt like the luckiest girl. My mom, my dad, and my boyfriend all in one car. IN CHINA. I don't deserve this!

We ended the night with a welcome dinner.

Tomorrow we are hiking the Wall. It is supposed to be hotter tomorrow. I hope I make it.




Nancy Branch said...

Was JR singing "Henry the Eighth" with your students? It sure looked like it! So glad you have so many people you love in China with you right now! Have fun!

Jessica said...

aww...i wish i could come too!! have fun :)

Audrey R said...

What IS that THING on the beach?? It looks like a flattened rainbow pig with flippers...Seriously, I'm going to have nightmares. What is it???!