Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Nanc Sim is back!

English Club has started back up. Every Thursday night we do some sort of activity. Either games and talking, or a movie. The students prefer movie night. But we can't get to know them sharing sunflower seeds during movies.

So tonight was our first official English Club of the semester.
This group of students is the group I long to be apart of. They are my students, but I feel like they are way too cool for me. Isn't it funny? I'm nervous they won't love me as much as I love them!

We work with the Foreign Language Club on English Club. You may remember my post about Nancy Simon. She has yet to disappoint this semester. Still, all business no party.
She loves power. She loves authority. But if you dare talk without your hand raised she will scold you with her strange British type accent. And she has a boyfriend we are all dying to meet. I can't even imagine...

I love her.

After they were done with their very strange riddle game, we were up. I had been telling my classes all week that Kevin would be there with his guitar to hopefully bring in the ladies..

I think it worked. He seemed to have a following. He always has a following.

We taught them a few songs. Some classic camp tunes.

Kevin shared about Easter, we sang an Easter song, and then we had an Easter egg hunt on the entire 6th floor. The eggs were full of MONEY and candy. It was like Christmas.

To kill some time I led the troops in the Chinese Bunny Hop.

Which my students actually taught me. So no instructions involved. We just danced.

I love dancing in China.

It was a pretty fun night. Anytime they have chances to win candy or prizes is a successful night.

And a few pictures to make you think....

A tiny hat in her hair.

Are they twins? Or just BFFs?

I never can tell around here.


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