Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Some of my kiddos started their group presentations today. They were each assigned a random state, usually the only states they have heard of are California and New York. I was determined to teach them there are others.

I wanted them to be creative. I didn't want to sit through boring presentations. I'm selfish that way.
My last group brought a prop. Their state was Kansas, and they pretended they were on TV.
Cute, energetic, creative students make my job a lot easier!

And then later this evening I attended a play competition. My student told me about it, I didn't know what to expect, as I never do here. I went, and 4 of my classes were in our big auditorium dressed up, on stage, and speaking Chinese.
It was 2 hours long. And all I could figure out was that a man loved 2 women at the same time, and then he died. It apparently was a pretty humorous play, the crowd was laughing the whole time. Me, not so much.
Just another day as a foreign teacher.


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