Monday, April 5, 2010

wrong day to finally go without my long undies

Today is a Chinese holiday. We didn't have school so I didn't really ask questions. ALL the students wanted to hike one of the many "mountains" around our city this weekend. Now that the weather is getting nicer, the students are becoming pretty active. Which is good. I need the exercise.

We went with some of Kevin's students and 1 of mine to Beidaihe to hike a mountain.

Flat Stanley came along for the trip. (Kylie's 2nd grade niece's school project)
They didn't know where to go.
So we walked.
20 minutes later, we were already tired, but we made it to the entrance.

Chinese mountains are weird. You have to pay to enter.
Probably because they look like this.

So why not wear heels?

This was a strange hill/mountain. You would climb different sections and it might be a giant tower, or a rock garden, or a pagoda. It just kept going and going.

And then we got to this.
And everyone was taking their picture with this rock. So I creeped and took the strangers pictures.
And Flat Stanley's picture.
And my picture.

You want to know why it's a famous rock huh....?
Mao watched the sun rise here. Neat.

But today there was no sun. It was so cold today, and the wind was out to kill.
But we didn't let that stop us.

And on our walk home from the bus stop, Kylie and I saw something we don't normally see...
Oh China!



Cathy said...

1. Robin would have never let you pay.

2. Stanley creeps me out a little bit.

pve design said...

Wow, how fascinating to teach all the way there! Wishing you a wonderful day, I landed here via Whitney-