Sunday, April 25, 2010

fake out. it's not spring anymore.

The fam came out to our school for Sunday family time. It was weird to have everyone at OUR school for a change. I enjoyed being the hostess again, I miss that.
We also had some real life family with us. Heidi's dad and little brother came to visit!

They look the same.
I might have creeped her brother Chad out a bit, but I couldn't get over his beautiful blonde shaggy hair. And it has been a LONG time since I have seen a kid other than a little pudgy Chinese kid. Chad is hip and pretty dang cool, and his chopstick skills are really coming along.

After the team left it was time to go for a family haircut trip. Really it was just Kevin and Robin, but we had to go with to watch over Kevin.

First time for a haircut since America. A big day in his life.
You can never be too careful when trying to communicate exactly what you want.
And you really just have to trust the one with the scissors.
I think he should just style it like that. The students would dig that.

While we waited, this hair cutters son entertained us.
He was an ornery little munchkin.

He would yell in English "HOW ARE YOU? FINE, THANK YOU!" It was precious. But then he would just give us this stink eye.

And hide.
After he climbed all over things and pulled out the music cord I was glad he wasn't mine.

Chinese or American. Kids are cute.

As for Kevin's hair... it looks exactly the same as before. No mullet. I would say that is a successful haircut.


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