Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome to America

Robin always brings along random students to dinner with us who want to go to America and who "say" they are going to America. We enjoy it, we are most of these students first Americans they ever meet. Which means we get to stick in their minds forever! Unforgettable.

Tonight Robin brought along a student, a high school student who is studying really hard to be able to go to an American university next year. What a brave, dedicated kid. After dinner, Kevin, Robin, and I took this kid to game room on campus to teach him a new sport.

Meet our new friend.
Jerry. Or Gary. Or Barry. We couldn't really understand what he told us. But we think it was Jerry.
He had never played. So Kevin tried to teach him the tricks. But I think Kevin just got kind of frustrated because he wasn't winning!

Robin was my partner.
And he means business. He has a pool glove. He says his hands get too sweaty.
Robin has skill, strategy, defense. He's got it all. He steps up the table, looks at his shot and fires away.

Kevin is different. Kevin plays pool the way he walks, or talks. He is a "takes his time" kinda guy. As Robin says Kevin's pool style is "TMT" (Too Much Thinking). Rob made it up. And he is so true.

I think it helped having a pool table growing up.

Because we dominated.


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