Friday, April 9, 2010

yi er cha cha cha

Tonight the usual Friday night dance party on the "quad" (aka outside the stinky dining hall) was canceled. I was sad until Monica told me about the Latin dance class instead.

Cha Cha. Heck yes.

Meet our instructor.
He is the skinniest Chinese man I have ever seen, and can move his hips like Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

And he meant business.
He made us cha cha in place with books on our heads over and over.
And we had to just stand with our arms stretched out over and over.

I forgot hot much I missed dance class. And how much we take for granted English speaking dance teachers.

It wasn't easy trying to learn a Latin dance from a Chinese speaking 19 year old boy.

Speaking of boys, there were only 3 there.

And Miles and Clark.
They do this a lot.

I on the other hand do not. Not Latin. No way. I don't think my body knows how to move like that. It lost my attention and my focus.

But these girls gained it.
They were doing a very strange move at the back of the room..., arms crossed, hips moving, body moving in circle, with head moving in circle at the same time.
I was intrigued. I had to be coordinated enough to master this.
I wasn't. But I got some good laughs, and made a few new friends. Success.

I also found a new girl crush. She can't speak English. But she was just so cool. Why are they all so cool? I think she was dating the teacher.

I think I prefer free style, giant circles around me type dancing.

And I don't think the teacher wants me back to his class on Sunday. I made a few scenes and the attention was focused on me...

Tomorrow night. Regular scheduled "quad" dance party.

I'm wearing my party pants.


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Cathy said...

Thanks for the shout out to Maksim.