Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring has FINALLLY arrived

Finally. It felt like it was supposed to feel when it is almost May. Since I have this annoying internal alarm clock that wakes me up at 8:25 am even when I don't need to wake up. I woke up early, with no plans for my day. I went for a run. Well, what I do isn't exactly running, but it makes me feel like I accomplish something. And I did this in a t-shirt. No jacket. That's a big deal.

And since the weather is nice, Robin got the key so we can get on the roof. We want to catch some rays without people starring at us. He attempted to take me up there today.
Except it wasn't what I expected.
It was like a death sentence to get up there. I decided to wait.

Instead, I took a lovely bike ride to the park.
I set up my giant towel blanket on this little patch of growing grass.
Grow little guys, grows!

I had my book, my music, my sunglasses, my chapstick. I rolled up my Thai pants, stripped off my cardigan, and was ready for some sunshine, relaxation, and stares. Of course stares, this is not normal in China.

However, I was distracted... and I couldn't help it.
These 2 horn balls were making out the whole time. And I must say, a very very awkward make out. Their hand placements made me uncomfortable.

And then this guy showed up
And played his saxophone the entire time. It was so soothing.

I felt like I was in a movie.
And these 2 were the stars.

I was just hoping they weren't my students.

Gotta love the love.

And gotta love the sunshine.