Wednesday, April 14, 2010

uno attack

We invited Xiaofei to our school. Xiaofei goes to DD and Jessica, Justin, and Heidi S., get the pleasure of his company all the time, and we wanted a little bit of the love. They also recently taught him UNO, and we heard he was a blast to play with. So we needed it 1st hand.

We also had an idea.... why not make these 2 hang out with each other and form a connection. Bad idea. Bahahaha.
They both do like the guitar though.... hmm...
The Xiao realized I was white. And he was white. And believe me, he is WHITE. Maybe the whitest Chinese I have ever seen. It felt good to see that color on someone other than myself.

Half the fun of playing games with someone who doesn't really understand your language is explaining it. Thankfully the DD crew did the hard work with XF

So we let Xiaofei explain to Winter in Chinese... which was also pretty entertaining. He kept saying Chinese and then he would yell "UNO".

We played 3 games, I won 2 out of the 3 games. Yes, I dominate anything card related. It's in my blood. Have you met my family? Aaron Reeves is a card playing animal!

Xiaofei was pretty intense. He would again YELL "UNO" before you even had a chance to say it yourself. So we would have to draw cards. He watched us like hawks. But we pilled those draw 2's on him and made him draw 10. We show no mercy in Uno.

Now that he knows where we live we actually hope he shows up at our door!


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Jessica said...

i love him already!! ha ha! i remember playing uno all the time at your house growing up. gosh we are awesome :)