Thursday, April 22, 2010

hot atmosphere

We were asked to judge an English singing competition. We were actually pretty excited, we thought it was going to be all singing. Wrong. We picked out which American Idol judge we wanted to be. Dawg, I wanted to be Randy. Kylie wanted to be Simon. And Kevin, well Kevin didn't think we should say negative comments like they do on Idol. Did he really think we were going to?

So we got to the competition and we were told we only had to judge part 3 and 4, yet they still wanted us there 15 minutes early, oh and it started 40 minutes late. I love Chinese student lead competitions.

We were given our score sheet
Hot Atmosphere... 10 points.
And they gave us fruit.
They set up their PPT.
And the contestants got ready.

And so it begins...
Part 1. Crazy Guesses
Part 2. Do you Remember?
Nope. Don't remember this one?

Part 3.... yeah... that was the boring part. Kylie and I played MASH. Do you remember that game? My 2 jobs I wrote down "do nothing or professional substitute teacher" Kylie's 3rd bad pick for me.. "something where you work a lot". And guess which one I got for my life. Something where I work a lot.

Part 4. Be a Superstar
This dude singing wasn't even in the competition. He was just in the audience.

2 1/2 hours later we were walking home.

They wanted us to perform. We denied them. We can't seem to figure out why they assume that we LOVE to perform EVERYWHERE we go?

Our next competition to judge... a PPT (powerpoint, for those that are confused) competition. Put on by the one and only Nancy Simon. We have a few weeks to really brush up on what exactly makes a dynamite PPT...

Can't wait.


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