Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tianjin. Yes please.

After a family McDonald's breakfast we were off!

First stop the Catholic church in Tianjin.
It was beautiful. And strange to see in China.

Second stop.... Kylie and I decided to meet up with the crew later. We wanted to shop, and we just so happened to be in the biggest shopping area I have ever seen!
But I have never seen a Harry Potter store... is this normal in America now?
If only I could appreciate it for what it is...

Faux-Mickey and Faux-Minnie were out to scare little kids.

Speaking of kids... somehow we walked into this warehouse...
And kids were everywhere. Just playing and laughing.
They were being watched by adults, but not too closely. I took advantage and creeped on 'em till Kylie told me to stop.

It was time to meet back up with everyone so we had to actually find them. We didn't for a while. But we did find...
A giant gold door.
And multiple free recyclable bags!

When we finally found our friends we passed out our free goodies.
Now we are our own tour group.
With Justin as the guide.
He led us around on our architecture walk of the city.
Do you feel like you are looking at pictures of China?
Well maybe that one with the Chinese guy on the giant TV screen.

And apparently my boy's family has their own store in China. Score.

And after much walking and eating and walking some more it was time to get on the fast train and fly home. We managed to score a table in the dinning part so what do you think we did...

You guessed it. Except this time we ditched the Uno cards after only 1 game and busted out the regular cards and played a very competitive game of spades.

Jessica and I dominated.

Tianjin dominated.


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Kori said...

Harry Potter stores are not normal in America! I have never seen this! So awesome!