Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Name Game

I have to learn my students names. 150 students is a lot of names to remember, but I feel so bad when I call on a student and I have no idea what their name could even be. So this week I am taking their pictures with their name cards, and I am learning. I am going to study them before class next week and 'wow' them with my excellent memory skills.

I will share a few pictures from today. You might be jealous, fyi. These kids are pretty stinkin' great this semester!

Will and Fisher. BFF!

Viva. She has this "too cool for school" vibe she sends my way, but I think it's because she just looks too cool for school. I'm real interested in her.

Star. However, she wrote Evil Star on her name card. I've got to keep an eye on this one.

And of course every class has "lovers". I am lucky, I get 2 couples in 1 class!

Cherish and Will

Oscar and Kelly
And I did not force them to take their picture together. They wanted to.

Travel, Michael, and Taylor. And Monica who creeped in on their picture. Monica is in the running for my PNB (Potential New Bestie). We danced at the dance party together, and she creeps in other peoples pictures. I see big potential for her.

Libby and Rachel. Named after friends. And classic Chinese pose.

Eric. Like my brother Eric. And this kid, in a strange way, reminds me of my brother.

Sunny. And Sunny's excuse for why he is not in class. I already know his name. And Cathy knows his name... she thought he was a hottie in his sweater vest!

Tuesday at 4:00. In the running for my PNFC (Potential New Favorite Class). Last semester I had a class full of rock stars. They made me laugh so much. I love laughing in class. This class has huge potential. Sophomore Chinese Majors. 10 boys, 11 girls. And I am their 1st foreign teacher. They think I am the rock star! And I don't mind that attention.

Classes were great today but what I was really looking forward to was dinner. We haven't seen Winter in a while, she has been out of town, and is finally back to party.

She looked different. I kept telling her she looked like one of those hip hop Asians who break dance and rollerblade.

We went to our noodle joint. But I made an impulse decision.

I wanted rice. And it was a great decision.

We laughed, talked, ate, and Winter almost made us cry. How do I leave her?

3 months. Don't think about it now.

When we got home Robin had this in his hands.

President of the United States of America- Robin. It's a magnet. He asked if the bird was a Robin. How do I leave him?

3 months. Don't think about it now.

Happy Tuesday.



Lynn said...

think about who all is waiting for you in 3 months!!

Anonymous said...

Yes. I am waiting for you. BUT after meeting I'll these kiddos I don't know how you'll do it. I almost cry these days just reading your blog! Yes. I cry. Yes. I've been reading your blog.