Sunday, March 14, 2010


I got to the airport early... I had some Starbuck, knit my scarf, and waited. As the planes arrived I stood by the arrival gate and anxiously waited. It was like a blind date, I was nervous, and excited. I didn't even know if I would recognize them. But I did. And it was glorious!

They brought me a VERY large bag full of goodies....

Including a Junior's Curbside Grill tee!

After an interesting night of sleep in our hostel it was time to hit the big city.

They are true celebrities.

We took some pictures in front of the New Year's decor.

And I took lots of pictures of them taking lots of pictures.

We stopped for lunch...

And since we were with these 2, we needed western food.

And lasagna is my current meal of choice for my 1st meal back home. So of course, I dominated that.

I needed them. I needed to laugh with them.

We ventured the crowd and the cold and walked around Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City.

Will this make it in the Theta magazine?

Kevin got to hang out with 5 cute American girls... so lucky...

Does China even know what "Spring Break" means?

The girls were brave and tried strange sugar balls?

Does Kori like the balls?

And you can't go to Beijing and not see the Olympic Park

And you can't go to Beijing and not attempt to create the Olympic rings at the Olympic Park.

Sunday, it snowed, which would have been fun, but it wasn't. So we spent the day haggling deals at the Silk Market, the girls left with some steals.

Off to QHD!

I knew I missed them. I just didn't realize how much I missed them. Do they have to leave ever?

I can't wait for them to see my dirty, smelly, cheap city. And to meet Robin of course.



Bailey Anne said...

Don't worry, I'll make sure your kite pic gets in the Theta mag. I've got connections...NBD.

Mogrel said...
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Mogrel said...

The picture of everyone laughing is so great. Was that at Grandma's? And what is Kiner doing to that blue thing? Inappropriate.