Saturday, March 27, 2010

1 bottle of ranch

We had a looong, busy week. And I have this cough that is getting worse and worse, so we needed to treat ourselves this weekend.... That usually means a trip downtown! DVD "store" and PIZZA HUT! (Why am I always writing about Pizza Hut?)

So Kevin, Kylie and I headed downtown today. We found that this new FREE shuttle bus for the new Tesco downtown, a giant huge supermarket that the Pizza Hut is attached to. This shuttle bus goes right by our school, so we got on it today, not really knowing if it would take us there, we assumed, but never assume in China...

The bus was very new, so no spit, or sunflower seeds, or trash, or dirty smells, or even people. Clean smells actually. And AC... now I was not a fan of the AC today... it was pretty cold today... but come MAY when it finally warms up I will appreciate that little dose of cool air on my way to buy some butter, or chicken feet?

Since we were going to Pizza Hut... we needed to bring a staple item with us in any pizza experience.

The Ranch Dressing. How have my lips gone 7 months without a drop of this....? How! (BTW, we had it sent from America, we can not get this in QHD)

Once we were kicked off the free shuttle bus, we made our way to our DVD "store" and searched for any new releases. I left with Alice in Wonderland... I hope it works.

We were early for dinner so luckily we did not have to wait in line for an hour like most of our trips to the PH...

We were so excited to get to use the ranch!

We had to shake it up just right....

Cut the seal...

Serve and eat!

It was everything I had ever dreamed of and so much more. It did make me miss The Hideaway and all the sauce they load on their pizzas. That is one thing about China that they have yet to understand... sauces. They barely put any pizza sauce on the pizza. What's up with that China!?


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Lynn said...

I look forward to taking you to Hideaway!!