Thursday, March 11, 2010

Teacher! Teacher!

School finally started... which means new classes, new names to learn, and new memories to be made. I have early early classes which also means no lazy Heidi anymore. This will be good for me... remind me of what it was like to have a "real" job.

I have ALL new students and most of my old students have graduated and left, so it is back square one. Most of my new students have never had a foreign teacher before, which can be a really great thing and also challenging since their spoken English is pretty rough. But I get to mold their minds first.

After I am long gone, when they have a new English teacher they will think to themselves... "That's not what Heidi used to do. Man, she was the best teacher ever!" ....

or something like that...

I ask them questions the first day and have them write them down their answers so I can try and figure out where they are in their English journey... and of course to laugh later....

One boy wrote the following answers to my questions...
- Why are you learning English- "Italian Class was full"
-What do you want to learn this semester- "How Chinese boys can win over American women"
-What can we do in class to make you better at English?- "Do good get kiss"
-Do you have any questions for me?-"Why wont you marry a Chinese boy?"

He is going to be a hand full I can already tell...

After reading these, you might quit your job and move to China. Or you might just scratch your head and wonder what they are really trying to say?

Yes, I miss my parents. When will I marry?... asking the wrong person...

Does that say "Forgive me for so many FARTS" ???


Answer to #7... it is a secret, a top secret love story... ?

No noisy pop music for this girl, only "Linkon park" (btw, this is the same girl who is fond of geography)

How do i buy something? not in the supermaket.... mom and dad?

When I miss him, I call him and bother him. But that never happens....

I never mind making friends with you? And I love Twilight too. And I love to talk and play in my spare time. Best friends already.

And possibly a new favorite...

She wants to own my blue eyes.

And every once in a while you get the excuse note for missing class...

1st class... Aster... I'm sad. But at least it was something VERY special to do.

Notable English Names:
Simple Girl
Mr. Liu
Ruler (she drew a ruler)
Sunshine (but her friends call her White Cloud)

Oh the joys of this job!

Winter made it back to QHD and finally had time to hang out with us, she is a busy lady, so tonight we hit up some hot pot.

Nothing better than sticking a whole bunch of random "meats" and other items into a big ol pot of water.

The Chinese loooooove garlic. On everything. And all by itself.

Robin dared me to eat it by itself. I declined.

I'm glad classes have started. I have missed these crazy kids! I am excited to see how He works this semester!



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