Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Animal Killer

I heard Robin yelling in the hall again today.

He trapped a rat under a desk.

And just it's poor little tail stuck out.

We had to kill this guy before he thought we were friends.

Robin wanted to beat it with a stick.

We decided to use the plastic bag to capture the rat.

SUCCESS! Rat in a BAG!

We had to kill it now...

Robin RAN down the stairs and outside

Bag on the ground with a rock over it.

Got in position...

And went to town...

It was gross.

He poked at it.

Looked at it.

And then dumped it out

But we wouldn't let him leave it there outside our school so he ran to the trash can yelling


Look at that animal killer. So proud. And doing all of this in his long underwear. Precious.

Whew. What an event. Sick.

And later that night...

For dinner
we had breakfast.

Robin made our eggs.

And Robin made himself a little sandwich.

I think I could dedicate an entire blog to that man.

We gotta get him to America. We should start a fundraiser. Wash cars, sell candy bars, babysit. Do it.



Michelle said...

wow... that cracks me up!

Kara said...


thank you for capturing these moments and sharing them with the world. seriously. thank you.

Jessica said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! i love this man!!