Monday, March 15, 2010

to THE dowtown

They, the Chinese, call it, "the downtown" not just "downtown". Example. "I am in the downtown right now"

So today, their first day in QHD, we took them to the downtown. After a delicious lunch at our one of our favorite restaurants, All or Nothing (what we call it), we loaded up and made our way to the downtown.

Kylie and I showed them our favorite places to go downtown. The $1 DVD place in the back of a warehouse, the fabric market, TESCO, the giant headband/bow store, and a cute tea store where they served us tea samples.

Cathy brought her Coca Cola Lite in and drank that.

We got to ride a packed bus back home, just the way I do, every time!

Robin's girlfriend and her sister were in town and so we had a big dinner party, Korean BBQ style. You can't come to China and not eat K-BBQ.

BBQ is kind of challenging for a girl who doesn't eat meat... but she still managed to dominate her meal.

We are in loove...
They are in Loooove!

We tried to take a normal picture of us girls...

But I think Cathy did something funny to make us pee our pants with laughter.
We finally got a good one.

I am sure there will be many, many more laughs to come!

Tomorrow, they come to my classes!


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