Tuesday, March 16, 2010

... oh to be a kid again...

I had class all afternoon today, so in the morning we went to the Olympic park and played.

They are really proud of the Olympics here.

You can always count on Cathy for the awkward photo opts.

See? Hugging the paddle?

She is such a diva up on that rock.

So after posing with all the random statues, we made our way to the exercise portion of the morning.

She's working out I think...

Kori I love taking pictures of each other while taking pictures of each other. And it's more fun while on a teeter totter.

Right before Kiner dropped her camera and broke it.

And we couldn't forget Marshall's favorite, the calf massage thing.

After the park, we had delicious sweet potatoes from the street and went to my classes. I didn't have my camera, Kori was on camera duty while in class, but they took lots of pictures with my students! And answered LOTS of questions like...

"Why is your hair that color?" "Do you like it here?" "Are you married?""What kind of Chinese food do you like?" "Do you think Heidi is very lovely?" "When will you come back to China?"

And they answered them all with very slow and clear English. I was proud of them! My students fell in love with them. I was so glad I could share that part of my life here with them.

Another adventure tomorrow!


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