Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patty's Day in China, lots of pinching happening

I had class again all afternoon so we had to take advantage of our morning time. We woke up and went to chill at the coffee shop for little bit of western style entertainment. I forgot my camera. Woops.

Kori hasn't been feeling too well, so she decided to stay and rest for my 1st class and meet us after. So we started the walk to the teaching building.

Megan found my St. Patty's day headband and wanted to wear it to class. I knew it was going to be a conversation piece.

When we walked in the class claps from all the students filled the room. I introduced them and let them run the show for a while...

Q&A Time. Great for me, exhausting for my friends.

Our topic this week was "Small Talk". We practiced conversations and greetings.

Cathy and I acted how you might react after not seeing your friend for a long time.
We really weren't acting.

We also demonstrated the proper way to shake someone's hand...
Chinese people tend to linger with a limp hand hold.

The High Five

The Pound It
with the Blow It Up

Kori taught me something knew that comes from Emily's little brother...
It's like the "pound" but one person turns it into a ...

But if 2 people do the Snail, then it makes it really funny. And the students were loving that.

I asked my class to give my friends a Chinese name.
They would write them out for them with the steps to write the characters

And present them.

And of course pictures at the end are always a must.

Holding hands with Kiner WITH the headband on both of their wrists. Gotta love her creativity.

After class and dinner we went to our favorite little unique hang out that I talk about often. Beer. Coffee. Tea.

Cameras ready.

Kori left after this, she was still not feeling well at all. But we managed to get a couple group shots. We need her better!!

There was couples dancing...

And photo shoots with Robin....

But the 2 that really became the entertainment for the evening were Kiner and Rob.

They both love to dance and sing. Perfect duo.

It's such a great little place, because seriously there are only ever maybe 3 other people there besides us every time. So we just take over.

We are also pretty entertaining...
I don't think they knew what to do with us all!

We were back home and in bed by 11:00. What a night. We missed Kori, I needed here there to limp arm dance with me. KTV in a few days, we can make up for the lack of limp arm dances for the past 6 months.

Great Wall Tomorrow. I hope it's still grrrrreat!


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Bailey Anne said...

I visited the Great Wall!!!! YESSS!!! Thank you for making my dream come true!

And please tell Robin that he was showing some amazing emotion while he was singing his song. I could really feel it through the photo.

And I also read every word of these blogs...probably because they were mostly pictures. But you're such a great writer and photo-montager!

I love you! Kisses.