Thursday, March 11, 2010


If you are not currently on a plane to China, or if you are not a parent of a girl on a plane to China, you might not be interested in this post.

I couldn't sleep last night from all the excitement I felt. I am about to leave for the Beijing airport to pick up 3 very important people.




We have all known each other for years and years.

We have done everything together; lived, fought, laughed, cried, spent holidays together, even worked with each other.

And of course, loved each other.

One major reason I love them so much... their dancing and singing skills are out of this world!

Look at those moves. That skill.

We always know how to turn something ordinary...

... into something extraordinary. (cheesy, yes, but so true)

Being away from your friends and family really makes you realize just how special these relationships are.

These girls support, encourage, and love me, they email me almost daily, they fill me in on all the hot celeb gossip, they carry me around on a stick, they are married to me on Facebook, and they are coming to see me from across the world.

I am so blessed.


p.s. I love you all, my sweet sweet friends.


Lynn said...

you are blessed to have such good friends.... makes me cry

Mrs. Schmiedeberg said...

I hope you all have the best time. I can't wait to see all the pictures and hear all the stories. Wish I was there, but we will be working on your room for when you come home. I hope the lime green one is still your choice ;) love you.